Passionate about artistic creation, Christine Moquet began her career at Christian Dior. She then worked for several years as an interior designer on projects for public spaces, boutiques and concept stores.

Attracted by the art of craftsmanship, she has for several years pursued creative work in enamel and porcelain, before directing her career towards the creation of contemporary jewelry and decorative pieces, developing her own personal collections.

A multidisciplinary approach

Christine Moquet defines herself as a multidisciplinary artist. In search of new artistic and aesthetic experiences, she is involved in several disciplines that she puts into dialogue with each other: fashion, architecture, photography… which have led her to mix genres and disciplines. She combines metal and porcelain for a contemporary jewel, enamel and metal for a sculpture, textile and porcelain for an ornament…

The constant need to be able to produce these pieces from A to Z has led her to apprehend different techniques, which she combines by choosing the materials (porcelain, metal, enamel, etc.) best suited to her new composition. In this way, she creates pieces that are always different and unique.

She trained in ceramics for several years with renowned artists such as Nathalie Domingo, Luca Tripaldi and Guy Eliche, master modeller/ceramist.
She trained in jewelry and enamelling at the École Boulle in Paris, and took part in a number of workshops.