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"When I was a child, I kneaded the earth picked up by a river, so I dreamed of creating objects to invent my own universe. Attracted by the crafts, I started my learning about porcelain and enamel before orienting my work towards the creation of jewellery and contemporary decorative pieces by developing my personal collections. My sensibility is expressed in a poetic universe, inspired by fashion and nature. I explore the theme of travel and related memories, discovering the places that have marked me and whose creations remain the privileged witness. I invent extra ordinary voyages where dragonflies, butterflies, wild animals and delicate silhouettes intersect in imaginary landscapes. I reinvent my own stories when I play the use of my photos and graphics. I like to name my pieces "My Life fragments".

A ceramist artist, Christine scoffs like to draw her objects by mixing materials such as porcelain, enamel, metal, fabric,… and using different techniques to invent her imaginary worlds.

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